Exposing Filmy4app. com: The Instagram Follower Scam You Need to Avoid

filmy4app. com

Nowadays there is a video going viral, do you find that? so, I am going to tell you about that. There is a video on the internet that claims you will get thousands of followers by visiting the website filmy4app. Now I know that you will get more curious about that 

In this post we will tell you about everything related to this website, whether it is true or not. What the conditions are and many more things. 

What is Filmy4app. com?

So, the filmy4app. com they claim online in their video that they provide thousands of followers to your social media account.

Such types of apps use very different types of tactics to pull into their tactics. the following ways are:- 

  • Maybe most of the people saw this video of how they are using tactics for their scam on instagram and youtube. They said that you will get almost 10000 free instagram followers instantly. 
  • In this video you will see that most of the people earn followers by using this filmy4 app. 
  • This video gives you instructions to visit their website filmy 4 app and enter your instagram username.
  • They claim that you gain a large number of followers easily without making lots of efforts. There is doubt usually. Gaining a large no of Followers takes time and lots of effort but they said you have to do nothing. And you will get thousands of followers without any extra effort. 

Is filmy4app claim real or fake? 

There are lots of doubt occur to prove that it is fake claim and app and the following reasons are mentioned below :- 

  • Fake Accounts :- In this app there are fake accounts created by bots, and these are not real people. They will not do any type of interaction with you and may delete the account in some time. 
  • Security Risk :- Do not trust blindly on any such type of apps they make you in trouble, they said that you have to enter your instagram username on this filmy4 app.com. If you entered your information on this app you might get caught under scammers and they can make your account hacked. They steal your personal information like photos, videos etc and do the wrong things that cause trouble for you. 
  • Short term gain, long term loss :- surely may you will gain followers by applying on this app but this only for sometime they will likely be inactive bots. This app can damage your instagram accounts for a long period or it may delete your account permanently. So, don’t trust blindly on unverified claims.  

What filmy4app might be up to

Here are mentioned that what filmy4app. com might be doing the possibilities are mentioned below:- 

  • Store Data :- They might collect and store your personal data like your username and hack your instagram account. May do problems for you and may harm your personal information. 
  • Spam :- they might use your personal information and do spam with you from unwanted messages, ads or other types of spam. 
  • Redirects :- they may redirect you to other spam websites filled with intrusive ads, generating revenue for them. 

How to grow your instagram followers without getting trapped in this type of scam?

In my point of view, you should try to grow your followers originally instead of falling for such a type of app. Which can trap you in their tricks and make trouble for you and your social media account. Here are some tips that helps you to grow followers originally. They are mentioned below :- 

  • Create high quality content :- Focus on creating the content which is in trend and engaged and can influence your targeted audiences. 
  • Use relevant hashtags :- Make sure that whatever the post or content you will upload, you will provide relevant hashtags to your content. 
  • Engage with your audience :- You may have to connect with your audiences by doing messages, connect through comments, answer their question, and may try to engage from time to time. 
  • Run contests and giveaways :- You should host interactive contests, and may host giveaways to attract new followers or audiences towards your social media account and boost the followers on your account.
  • Collaborate with others :- You can collaborate with your influencers friends, followers and known persons to promote your instagram account. By collaborating videos you get followers of a wide range. 
  • Promote your account :- You may promote your instagram account on other platforms by sharing your profile on your other social media accounts.

To build more followers on your account it will take time and if you want loyal followers you have to spend some interactions with your fans or audience. Building followers takes time and lots of dedication. Don’t lose hope in some time, be consistent. don’t get trapped in such types of apps.


In conclusion, by following these tips you can get more followers without getting into a trap and you can grow your instagram profile. And be aware from such types of claims from these apps you will get only fake followers. S,o practice building original followers by following these useful tricks. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Q1.what is in this claim video? 

Ans. In this video they claim that they will help to provide more than ten thousand followers on your social media account. 

Q2. Do they provide free followers? 

Ans. Not sure about that they do not clearly say about free followers but they claim you will get followers.

Q3. Is this filmy4app. com safe and secure? 

Ans. No, there is no confirmed URL. They may steal your personal information and harm you.

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