A true relationship is two imperfect people refusi – tymoff

A true relationship is two imperfect people refusi - tymoff

Relationship, where two imperfect people find a partner for himself. A beautiful relationship with trust, belief, love, kindness, respect, fights, pampering and many more things. Two people who accept each other’s flow, respect their work, motivate one another for their happiness even after sometimes they fight but resolve it in a particular period they will be together in their difficult times as well as good times. That is a perfect relationship.

What is a true relationship?

A true relationship doesn’t mean that it will be perfect but in a relationship people accept each other’s mistakes, behavior, understand each other, accept their flow, and do better everyday in their relationship. Relationship is not about attraction or infatuation, it is a pure and deep love in which they have unconditional love, respect for both, polite behavior, and an understanding for each other. 

Communication is a must. They have to tell every small and big thing related to their life. A true relationship is basically based on love and respect. Do not make high expectations which will not be filled, know the nature of your partner and try to understand what they are thinking. 

Myth of perfection

Nowadays everyone is thinking that they have to be perfect but no, in reality you have to improve little little things daily so that they can make a happy life. No one is perfect on this planet and people want to be perfect but they have to try to become better not perfect. Embracing imperfection in a relationship is an important part of a healthy relationship.

You might face different challenges in your relationship but those challenges are good. They developed your relationship together because you practiced together and tried to resolve it together.

Challenges in a relationship 

In a relationship you may face a lot of challenges but how to deal with that smoothly you can overcome it shows the bond between you and your partner and that is a good relationship. There are lots of things that come into your life like a challenge but they are not challenges, they are like a growth in your relationship and helps in personal development. 

It can enhance and deepen your understanding, strengthen your bond, you can have mutual respect and make your version better. 

Importance of Commitment 

commitment is the base of your relationship, it is the foundation of true relationship. It is about facing all the obstacles together, no matter how challenging the situation is but if two peoples are together their support for each other is enough.

Importance of commitment:- 

  • Security:- if both are committed with each other it looks like that their future is safe and secure. 
  • Loyalty:- chances of loyalty are increased, a person will not think about cheating on a partner, their trust on one another is connected to their bond. 
  • Enhance communication:- commitment helps to enhance their communication because they feel free to exchange their thoughts with each other. 

How to build a strong connection? 

Connection between two people is must if they do not feel connected then how can they survive together. communication and understanding:- In any relationship, to know each other’s perspective, thoughts are the reason for a successful relationship. They should know how to express their feelings and have to express it in front of their partner. 

compromise and sacrifice:- There is like a give and take situation, in which both partners willingly compromises and sacrifices things for the better of their relationship, balance is necessary for both the companions. 

Trust and respect both are the base of any relationship without trust and respect. Nothing can work, we all know that trust takes time for building but that is necessary in every relationship. 

shared values and goals differences occur in any relationship is a normal thing but it adds spice in your relationship, shared values and goals can make your relationship for a long period. 

Learning from Mistakes

Mistakes are common in a person’s life and in a relationship a person should not be afraid that people learn from their mistakes. They should forgive each other. They have to understand that mistakes are common and learning from mistakes can improve their relationship and make their bond better. 

There is a different kind of beauty in which people accept their partner with all the imperfection and accept their flows. A relationship is not any destination, it is a journey and people make it with their pure love and affection. Every relationship faces ups and downs but they have to face it with joy because it strengthens their bond and deepens their love and always creates some remarkable memories. 

Never give up

No matter how much difficult is your situation and how much incompatibility in your relationship you have to face all the situation together that helps to boost your relationship and make your bond stronger in any situation you are you have to never give up on each other apart from that you face together so you can improve situation and make more compatibility. 

Signs of unhealthy relationships

  • Less communication:- less communication is the sign of an unhealthy relationship. It leads to differences and slowly slowly ruins your relationship. 
  • Hide things from your partners:- hide little little things from your partners can make differences because when the two people are in love they expect that their partner will inform every single detail related to their life and if you hide that it breaks to another one.
  • Trust issues occur when couples hide their personal things from each other and trust is the basic base of every relationship. When it occurs it ruins the relationship and it is not the sign of a healthy relationship. 
  • Controlling behavior, it affects your relationship because in a true love a person should feel free to do everything and if you want to control someone it goes far away from you and this is not a good sign. 
  • Emotional or physical abuse, anyone doesn’t have any right to harm someone’s self respect or do physical abuse, it just makes the difference. 


In conclusion, we read in the above blog that how beautiful a relationship is when two people love each other selflessly. Love is a beautiful journey filled with love, anger, challenges, growth, appreciation and acceptance of each other with their imperfection. how people make their relationship better day by day. Love is not a fairy tale in which you always feel happy, but in real love you sometimes feel disagreements, possessiveness, trust issues, nightmares, but at the end of the discussion true love ends with the pure love, they resolve everything with love. 

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