How to choose the right color scheme for decking flooring? 

How to choose the right color scheme for decking flooring?

When planning the outdoor area of your home, the deck emerges as a focal point of leisure and aesthetics. Choosing the right color scheme for decking flooring The outdoor living area is not just a visual appeal but also has a big influence on how you feel and enjoy your outdoor space. Choosing the ideal color scheme can be a difficult process which is affected by a number of factors, among them the style of your house, the environment around you, and the durability considerations. Here is how to deal with these choices to make sure that your decking will be not only looking attractive but also will mix in well with your house.

Consider Your Home’s Exterior

The first phase in the decking color selection is to think about the color and the style of the exterior of your house. Naturally, your deck should blend in with the architectural style and the color of the exterior paint of your house. The traditional homes are usually filled with classic wood tones like cedar or mahogany which still give a warm and old-fashioned look. Today, houses may be advantageous by the use of cool grays or even bold, dark colors like black or deep blue that will give a great modern contrast.

Analyze the Surrounding Landscape

Observe the surrounding of your home and remember the major colors in the landscape. A deck that is covered by a lot of green stuff at home can be matched by the brown or forest green decking, thus, the harmony with the environment can be achieved. When you are building a house near the shore, the best color for the decking will be the sand-colored or light gray one. The vital thing is to pick colors that harmonize, instead of contrasting with the natural colors of the place.

Consider how the weather and the sunlight affect your day to day routine.

The intensity of the sunlight your deck gets can be a factor in the color of your deck. Dark colors absorb more heat, which is not a good idea if your deck is exposed to the sun for most of the day, because it can become too hot for your feet to stay on the deck. Light colors, although they can be dirty, can help the deck to be cooler. Besides, do not omit your local climate. Some colors lose their brightness faster than others when exposed to the relentless weather elements, thus choosing the UV-protection finishes can be of big help to keep the colors from deteriorating over a long period of time.

Visual Impact and Maintenance

The shade of your decking can also take into account how large your deck will seem. Lighter shades make a room seem bigger, whereas, on the other hand, darker tones tend to make it feel more warm and intimate. Besides, the upkeep is a very important aspect to be considered. The lighter shades might need for regular cleaning since they show dirt and stains easily, on the other hand, dark colors are more tolerant but dust and pollen can be clearly seen.

Material Matters

The material of the decking can also dictate which colors you can choose from. Wood decks offer natural tones and can be stained to your preference, but they require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh. Composite decking comes in a variety of colors and requires less upkeep than wood, making it a popular choice for those looking for durability and color stability.

Test Before You Choose

In case you want to be prudent, it is good to try the colors first. Numerous companies organize the showing of the decking materials samples so that you can observe the colors with the home’s exterior in various lighting of the day. The samples should be spread out in a place where the deck will be put up and the appearance of them at different times and in different weather should be checked.

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